Posted by Bill Blake

Did you ever see someone who has a false sense of security?  Like the little child who hides under the covers thinking no can see him.  Security is everything to us.  We have special laws enacted to protect children, the elderly, women, minorities, even endangered animals.  We have financial and economic checks and balances written in the law and government agencies like the EPA or OSHA to protect us.  We have the NSA and Homeland Security to keep us safe and three branches of government for a safeguard.

The apostles had none of these worldly niceties.  Government wasn’t their friend.  They knew if they didn’t work, they didn’t eat…except for handouts. There was no modern medicine, clinics hospitals, or a disease control center. These truly are good things but not an ultimate security.

When the apostles met Jesus and heard Him speak of the Kingdom of God, they trusted in Him, and followed Him.  What despair they must have felt in those days between His crucifixion and resurrection.  John 20:19 tells us they were locked behind close doors in fear. Guess they didn’t think about hiding under the covers.

God promises none of the securities we manufacture in this life.  We want them and God graciously gives them to us, but they are not promised.  What is promised by God is eternal life through the gospel of Christ Jesus.  And while we eagerly await the day we will see Jesus enthroned in all glory, He has also promised to walk through the dark valley with us to the end of this life’s journey.  And He has promised to empower us with His Holy Spirit.

As we finish the second half of the book of Acts it is apparent the apostles understood these promises.  They were joyous when the gospel was accepted and believed, but not defeated when it was rejected.  They went forth boldly speaking the Word of God.  We should not be fearful or ashamed of God’s message.  Let’s not be fooled by a false sense of security of this world.  But take security in our Savior Jesus Christ.