Posted by Bill Blake

We have been studying the book of Acts for some time now.  A couple weeks ago we looked at Acts chapter 12 (Listen/Watch HERE). In that chapter we just saw that the church in Antioch needed to see and realize that God is sovereign over life and death.  God allowed James to be killed, and yet we saw God rescue Peter from imprisonment.  The assurance of God’s sovereignty, along with the power of the Holy Spirit motivated and sustained that church, and continues to sustain the church today.

Knowing that God is sovereign, and trusting in His sovereignty can be a difficult aspect of our faith.  We all cherish our free will and God does graciously give it.  However, if God were not sovereign over it, our wicked hearts would know no limit, and He would not be the all powerful, all knowing, ruler, and sustainer of the universe.  Thankfully, He is!  Praise God for His sovereignty, and for our salvation through Christ Jesus, our Lord!  Praise Him for the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives that keeps us from chasing the flawed wills of our flesh!  Because of His sovereignty our gift of eternal Life is assured, secured and imperishable.