Posted by Lou Giampaglia

John 3:16 is a such a familiar passage that we often miss the breath, beauty and majesty of what God has said and done. “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.”

Some one once said this concerning this great verse: “God”…The greatest Lover—“So loved”…The greatest degree—“The world”…The greatest number—“That He gave”…The greatest act—“His only Son”…. The greatest gift—“That whoever”…The greatest invitation—“Believes”…The greatest simplicity—“In Him”…The greatest Person—“Should not perish”…The greatest deliverance—“But”…. The greatest difference—“Have”…. The greatest certainty—“Everlasting Life”…The greatest possession.

His love is eternal, His love is unconditional, His love is action and His love is personal.  But most importantly God’s love is costly. Consider not only “that” Jesus laid down his life, but also “how” it was laid down. He left the glory of heaven and took on humanity so that he could get hungry, tired, and weary. He could feel anger, sadness, compassion, joy and happiness. But his humanity also made it possible for him to suffer. The incarnation made it possible to feel excruciating pain as the spikes were driven through his hands and feet. Jesus’ back of flesh and bones prepared him to be scourged. His brow and his skull was a place for the thorns. He required cheeks for Judas’ kiss and the soldiers’ spit. It was necessary for him to have a side as a place for the sword to pierce.  All so that he could feel the entire excruciating death of crucifixion.  And finally, his humanity made it possible for him to bear our sins, to take our deserved wrath, and for a moment in time be separated from the presence of His Father...for you!  Let us consider the depth of God’s love for us!