Posted by Bill Blake

Some fifteen years ago when I had just become a Christian, I remember talking to pastor Ed about his friend who was a Christologist. I asked what that was, and he explained to me that a Christologist was a man who studied the life of Christ. As I inquired further, I learned that this man wasn’t a believer. That made absolutely no sense to me. How was it possible to study the life of Christ and not be a believer?

There would be no doubt that this man had studied the book of John, a book that contains perhaps the most elaborate descriptions of who Jesus was. From the beginning, John testified to Christ’s deity and humanity. It was the book of John that motivated my journey to knowing Christ as my Lord and Savior. And the book of John continues to feed my spiritual hunger.

As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week, I have so much to be thankful for. I couldn’t begin to measure the depths of God’s love and provision in my life. I hope God in His providence will always surround me with thankfulness, for what He has done for me is greater than what any man can offer. My salvation and relationship with my Savior is the greatest gift, far more important than all other blessings.

“But first seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you.” [Matthew 6:33]

I pray that God’s blessings never cease to fill my heart and yours will gratitude this and all seasons.

After fifteen years I still wonder how a Christologist could not be a follower of Christ, because the peace that has come to me through knowing Him has filled me more fully as I study Him. Even now, as we are fed from the Gospel according to John, my understanding of Christ continues to be honed and refined and deepened, growing both my faith in and my love of Him. We have barely begun this book and yet I feel both hungry and fed at the same time. This Thanksgiving may you also be both hungry and fed by knowing Christ as your Savior.