Posted by Nathan French


This Sunday we will pause as a nation, wherever we find ourselves all over the world most of us will watch an event. It is a football game, but to most of us it is so much more than a game it is an event. It’s about getting together and having a party. It’s about seeing the new commercials.  Very few of us even have a rooting interest in who wins, because our favorite team was eliminated from contention weeks ago. But still, if the annual statistics hold true, at some time or other during the 3.5 hours of this game, more people will have their eyes on this event than any other throughout the year.

As Christians we are living life in a broken world that is so often filled with heartache and pain, but we have confidence that our suffering is not arbitrary or in vain, because we serve a risen Lord! Jesus is alive and He has promised to come again to set all things right and when He does it is going to be an AMAZING EVENT!  An event that the ratings are going to be off the chart for!  Revelation tells us that EVERY eye is going to see His return.  And Paul tells us in Philippians that at His name EVERY knee will bow, and every tongue confess that He is LORD! Now that is going to be an incredible day!

Lets enjoy the community and camaraderie of the “big day” and the fun and competition of the “big game,” and lets remember that we are living life every day not defeated or depressed, but with hope and confidence because we know that our Redeemer lives and that He is coming again!