Posted by Scott Hannay

The summer season is a great time of year for spending quality time with our close family and relatives. We can take a few days of vacation to separate ourselves from the daily pressures of work and other responsibilities.  These days are precious to us, and we look forward to our vacation days with family and loved ones each year.  Vacation is a time of refreshment, and time to recharge our batteries.

We, (as members of the body of Christ), have a wonderful opportunity to take a mini-vacation every week, and separate ourselves from the daily pressures of work and other responsibilities, and spend time with our family.  We at King’s Chapel call this mini-vacation our Corporate Gathering; a time when we, the church, come together to sing praises, and sit under the teaching of the word of God.  A time where we can be refreshed, recharged, and empowered to go out and live on mission.

God has given us the corporate gathering as a safe haven, and a place to meet other people attempting to work out their faith in this wicked world. My experience growing up in the church has afforded me, by the sovereign grace of God, a large extended family, who love the Lord and truly have my best interests at heart.  Not everyone has that blessing, and the church family can be a great comfort to those who do not have relatives that live locally, or are estranged from their immediate family.  God has truly gifted us immensely by giving us community.

We spend months of time planning and waiting for our yearly summer vacations. We should also have the same attitude about our weekly “church-vacations.”  We need to make the time, and plan to be there. We always make time for the important events in our schedule.  Is gathering corporately on Sunday or during the week in Community Group a priority in your life?

Acts 2:42 reads…“and they devoted themselves to the apostle’s teaching, and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and the prayers.”  The body of Christ, the church, is called to live in community.  The early believers recognized that they needed to gather together to strengthen and encourage one another.

Our local church (King’s Chapel) gathers each Sunday for Corporate Worship and different nights throughout the week in people’s homes for Community Group.  These times are where we can find the rest and the encouragement we need to survive in this world.  This rejuvenation provides the spark we need for living on mission in carrying the Gospel to our community.  Plan your “Church Vacation” today.