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In Genesis 1:26 God said, “Let Us make man in our Image, according to our likeness.”  There is only One True God who has been revealed in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  They are co-equal, co-eternal and co-existing as one God but in community with each other from eternity past and eternity future.  God is a God of Community.  His nature is community.  Part of being created in God’s image is being created for community.  It is not an option, but a part of our God given image.  It was before sin that God said “it is not good for a man to be alone.”  That means that Adam was lonely not because he was imperfect but because he was perfect.  The ache for relationships, community, is the one ache that is not the result of sin, that ache was a part of God’s creative perfection.  God made us – created us, in such a way that we COULD NOT enjoy paradise without community.  Jesus whole life and ministry was done in the context of community.  From, His birth to His death there was community.

Our Community Groups provide the optimal environment for the life change Jesus Christ intends for every believer.  Sharing our lives causes growth in us and in others.  We are created and designed to grow together, to love and encourage each other, to lift each other up when we fall, to experience the pains and joys of life together.  The foundation of all life change is the Gospel.  The church exists not just to collect followers, but to transform them.  Community group members affirm and encourage one another, build each other up in Christ, and help each other grow.  It is a place where we share our needs, hurts trials and victories.  Community Groups are the place where you can experience Christ’s love in an intimate way as no large gathering on Sunday could provide.  It also can provide an opportunity for those who are not followers of Christ, to come and ask questions and witness Christ’s love from themselves.  In a community, where love and care does not exist will look more like people on an elevator than people who call themselves Christ followers.  The elevator door opens up and every one finds the nearest corner.

The Gospel is the means and guide to living in Community.  The cross is a great picture of true Community.  The horizontal beam displays our intimacy with each other, and the vertical beam displays our intimacy with God for salvation, strength and hope.  And right in the middle is the true community.  Loving God and loving each other.  King’s Chapel is not a church WITH Community Groups but a church OF Community Groups.  Growing in Christ cannot and will not happen outside of relationships.  If you are interested in joining a group or learning more about them, please email for more information.

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